Monday 4 July 2011

Maven for PHP Plugin alternatives?

The maven for php plugin is proving a bit unpredictable. That leaves me with three options:

  1. Start some local dev on the plugin itself and get access to the project that way,

  2. Fork the project and start developing the bug in.

  3. Use maven assemblies and ant tasks to create a pom template to build a php project.

Whilst option 1) is the best long term, I'm thinking option 3) more immediately. One of the benefits of option 3) is that it should be easy to tweak for other dynamic languages (e.g. ruby, python, perl) etc without having to stamp out a new plugin for each.

Th reasons I'm going to all is effort for my php development is:

  • I want a tool chain that allows me high degree of confidence that any code tweaks/ additions are not going to break the app.

  • I want to be able to consistly employ all the best practise techniques for deploying a high performance web app (e.g. Steve Souders)